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Does somebody want to transfer millions of dollars into your account?


Does someone want to pay you to cash cheques and send them the money?


Have you sold an item and are asked to accept a payment larger than the item amount?


Has a dying person contacted you wanting your help to give his money to charity?


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maria |
cuidado con este numero, es de euroloto24 no es de fiar son muy cansinos


maria |
cuidado con este numero, es de euroloto24 no es de fiar son muy cansinos


Prabhu |
I getting call from +3334. I don't know what this number. They call me & hang up. If I call them, they attend and hang a call. Is there anything serious. Anyone traping my call. What action I have to take.


6074419179 |
I keep getting calls from this number with an automated message saying it’s the irs and I have 4 judgements against me and need to call back with 24 hours or the local police will be coming to arrest me. I fell for it the first time and was panicking until I called back and realized it is a scam. I just wanna stop them from calling me. They must be able to keep record of the conversations because they hang up on me if I call back.


Ewelina |
says "hey this is jennifer local google specialist"


Ewelina |
Message says "Hey this is Jennifer your local google specialist"


Its Red Cross Blood Donor solicitation. They're OK, just wish they would leave a message.


Steve Pearce |
This is absolute nonsense. I know this number for years and it belong to person I know very well. They offer construction site management and project management services since I remember. People who made these comments below should be prosecuted.


for info |
This is a number you can use to make cheap calls. See www.keepcalling


Walt bondarchuk |
Receiving text messages from this number stating it’s from Craiglist with a link. Didn’t open don’t know what contents are


Bismalodhi |
I always get the text from+6170 Dat there's a code nd yu get the freemsg..if yu didn't request than yu can ignore what shud I do? ? This num belongs from Australia? ??


Anonymous |
They text with " happy bday boston, lol" 818 388 5468. Just a day earlier 818 832 1754 called me and sounded like Pakistani or india accents when i said hello but remained silent after i asked who they were. I dont know anyone from boston nor do i know anyone in the san fernando regional areas of California.this number that i now own was assigned to me about a month ago and not 2 hours after it was activated i began receiving weekly texts and weird calls. My number is registered with the national "do not call" list but, it has not helped.


Ampo |
i just found this number on my handset and is foreign number +9017611234 and I google to see where it comes from and just found this page. Indeed it is scammer I have just blocked it


[email protected] |


D Martin |
Called ance asked for me by name. Said he was with veterans of America ance was looking for donations to help vets where the va leaves off. Said donation packets would only be sent if donations amounts were committed to in quantities of $25 $35 $50. I said I was on budget and couldn't commit but would donate. Still was pushy said must commit to donating within 7-10 days and i was like no. How are you going to call me asking for money then request within a timeline? So after I was giving him a go, got mad told me to have a good day, then hung up abruptly. #SCAM


Einahteb Rellim |
This is my number and I have not called any of you people ever ,my phone was stolen twice tho, but someone then is spoofing my number and using it for spam calls I've had this number for just about 5 year's


LR |
I'm beyond fed up of dealing with threatening voicemail messages coming from Simm Associates. They have the audacity to tell me not to erase the message, and to give them a call at a specified phone number. There were no details given out, so I'm under the assumption that it has something to do with debt. I don't want to be bothered anymore, and these harassing calls need to stop!!


why you call me?


Lisa Howard |
This person from this number message me with dirty sexual questions and comments when I asked if I could call his number and I confronted him with where he was located which is Hilda Alberta he hung up right away I messaged back stating that he had a lot of negative comments behind his number on the internet and I suggest you should either change his number or stop doing what he's doing I suggest to block spam or report this number so other people can find out that this is a person playing games and has too much time on their hands and should do sometime in jail


vinay kumar singh |
dear sir please provide the detail of following internet caller no. 9876543 regards vk singh insp ic crime branch sonbhadra uttar pradesh


bruno koegler |
the number is listed here as from Zuerich / Switzerland Which is a stolen / impersonified website :)


Tom kindred |
Call displayed Passport and caller indicated doing survey for our experience getting our passport. Instead of asking questions about our experience He was trying to get get passport information. Complete scam.


ttcchhkk |
smart caller says name is Niki Shah Is a scammer calling about you winning a free hotel stay Block


LSmith |
Sick of all these stupid calls and no message. They call my landline, then almost immediately call my cell. I repeat: the Do Not Call Registry is a total waste of time!


Kone |
credit card solicitation


its me` |
Called to confirm Dentist Appointment - valid call


Ma Doppler |
We received repeated calls from +91 4066 166 769 . They asked for business information. We asked them several times to stop calling. They just go on.


Kyle |
Been ringing multiple times, Do not answer


Jonah |


Looking for my x. Call back if I want info. Seriously? Shawn shawn Jackson, but no company name given. They need him or representative to call. They are going to his work, going to fax his work ...a claim is going to be filed. Lol. Sorry peeps, if you were legit, do your job. I am not helping, scam or not.


charlotte |
didn't answer, no message. called the number back and it says it's been disconnected or no longer in service.


P |
Pacific Business Supply (PBS) out of Camino, CA. Address is 4881 Pony Express Trail. Soliciting sales. Caller became argumentative when I said that we were not interested. Called me a "fucking dumbass" and then hung up. Other number: 5306442779


P |
Pretending to be someone else


The number is used by Chloe Chong aka Chloeminky / Kamoonc / Chloemoonc / Kamoonchong from Leeds, UK


linda |


Muhammad Tanvir |
Can you call meon my this number 03008125166 or send ur company address


Andrew |
This is my cellphone number


J |


Bhavik |
It's a missed call bomber.


SM |
Caller is calling repeatedly, they do not answer, and no matter if you ignore the call or cut it, they keep calling.


z03 |
called at 10:25 pm Some Girl said I had a missed call around 6:59 pm ( wasn't true but i checked anyway) had a gross attitude .. also pretty sure i was on speaker i think their were 2 girls


thegecko |
Call from this number claiming PG&E. SmartMeter scam. Power will be turned off unless $900 deposit is made. Called PG&E. Said no such thing. This is the 5th call with a similar scam in the past 2 years. Just hang up!


Sharon K |
IRS Scam. Going to arrest me if I don't call back in 24hours.


Bruno |
IRS call.... SCAM.... They do not call


They knew my address, insurance plan and obviously phone number. The Indian sounding woman said she was with the "Natura Pharmacy" and said that my insurance would cover a topical cream 'for the pain I'm experiencing.' She asked to confirm my birthday which I gave, then she asked what was my height and weight. After that, I started getting weirded out about this, though I was suspicious from the beginning. So then I told that I changed my mind, I'm not in any pain anyways.


michael |
robo call about tax filing and being taken under custody. IRS does not call. they mail. scam


Holly |
I would urge anyone receiving calls from this number to report their experience to Action Fraud and Ofcom. This number belongs to a company called Allclaim Solutions, but they might call themselves ACS. They target the elderly and vulnerable and their main objective is to obtain bank details for anything from insurance for washing machines to rebates for Council Tax. It's a complete scam. They try and convince you that you have insurance for your washing machine and it has expired and needs renewing. They are dishonest and will lie in an attempt to obtain your bank details. Their conduct is fraudulent and a complete scam.


Jacob Roseman |
Creditreform phishing scheme


Notta Giving |
Scam call, the IRS, nor do the cops call you. What idiot would believe they are going to have an arrest warrant issued for IRS debt over the phone? Don't be one of those gullible people that gets scammed.


sandra |
best service and great results for my business will definitely use this service again,i can recommend these guys to anyone looking to generate more business


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