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Met a new friend/penpal on a friendship/dating site who's asking you for money?


Does somebody want to transfer millions of dollars into your account?


Does someone want to pay you to cash cheques and send them the money?


Have you sold an item and are asked to accept a payment larger than the item amount?


Has a dying person contacted you wanting your help to give his money to charity?


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Travis Sachs |
Approved for a student loan I did not apply for. Spam


Randall |
Approached on the street asking for money for fuel and cost of jerry can. Promised to repay money, claiming that he was from the country but hung up when called the next day. Scammer in the street.


Dave sage |
“Hey love. How have you been?” Received at 302am.


i received an email from kirk king but in his msg he says his name is gregory hyde


Herrald |
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spyfix6 (at) gmail COM |
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indygranite |
Called but left no message, blocked by my Hiya app now for ever.


hb |
got called on my company account which has no official number


Giorgio |
that's my number,and it's like more than two year i don't use.So what's your point?


FauxAcctAssassin |
The scammer uses insta model pictures to create a spin up fake FB and dating app. Asks to text. No contact yet. Dossier en progress... will update. Organization Type: Small >5 Overall Skill (Hacking, Social Engineering and Operational Execution): Low Identified 2 servers that appear to be C&C servers. Seeing to penetrate servers, identifying other linked accounts currently. Building psych profile of users, coding style and physical location. Info will be withheld. If persons are identified in real life, assets will grab targets and force disclosure of overall operation. Estimated time to control IT systems. 45 min from posting. Estimated time for assets to capture-extract-vanish targets: 85 hours Current overall count of human targets dispatched: 225 Current value of recovered BitCoin and other currencies: >$33 million USD OP-ID: 4A5H9D-4D7C Execution authority: Sparrow Assets allocated: $22,320.34 USD Courtesty of SpamAssassins a group funded by DigitalHunters fj493j2k -- This post is intended for entertainment purposes only. All content of this post is fictional. All content is meant to be explicitly a fictional narrative.


Aquarius8667 |
This is one of The Warehouse phone numbers in Hastings. My daughter in-law works there.


Bubba Floyd |
Call every day 7 days a week up to 8 per day. Blocked, but somehow bypass block.


Miranda |
Called and said they were with the Labor law and that we owed $437 to keep updated.


Genuine person


This is a staffing company, fortune 500, genuine and ethical.


Michael Boudreaux |
I get texts from this number that just says HI or Hello and When I ask who this is I never get a response back


Toni Long |
It's SPAM!!!


DaveD |
This is a gas engineer company who work for various gas suppliers, they are phoning you because your gas supplier has asked them to come out and fix a problem. Putting on a reject call option is not sensible unless you are happy with your gas leak.


Rosanna Selway |
james milward sends a nonsense text using my nickname telling me he is going to centre parks and will see me next week at the Mansfield group.


1201SLD |
Caller ID 800-333-5655 Message in French claiming to be from Fedex. I called back and got a recording in English with no greeting or introduction, "Are you or someone in your household over 50 years old? Say Yes or Say No." I said "Click".


T_What? |
Who are these 877.561.5151?


jjjjjjj |
Called and didn't leave a message. Called back and it said it was Southwest Credit Systems.


SL |
this is a scammer


ayunengsi |
SEKEDAR INFO BOCORAN TOGEL JIKA ANDA BUTUH A'NGKA GHOIB/JITU SGP HK MALAYSIA ARAB SAUDI LAOS 2D_3D_4D-5D-6D-7D DI JAMIN 100% TEMBUS... SAYA BUKTINYA SUDAH 5X JP DAN SAYA SUDAH BENER2 YAKIN DENGAN AKI RORO YANG TELAH MEMBERIKAN ANGKA RITUAL NYA BAGI ANDA YANG SUKA MAIN TOGEL & INGIN SEPERTI SAYA SILAHKAN GABUNG DENGAN AKI RORO SILAHKAN HUB DI NO: ((_085-222-489-867_)) Sekian lama saya bermain togel baru kali ini saya benar-benar merasakan yang namanya kemenangan 4D dan alhamdulillah saya dpat Rp 250 juta dan semua ini berkat bantuan angka dari AKI RORO karena cuma Beliaulah yang memberikan angka ritual yg di jamin 100% tembus awal saya bergabung hanya memasang 100 ribu karna saya ngak terlalu percaya ternyatah benar-benar tembus dan kini saya ngak ragu-ragu lagi untuk memasang angka nya,,,,buat anda yg butuh angka yang di jamin tembus hubungi AKI RORO DI NO: ((_085-222-489-867_)) insya allah beliu akan siap menbatu kesusahan anda ''kami sekeluarga tak lupa mengucapkan puji syukur kepada ALLAH S,W,T dan terima kasih banyak kepada AKI RORO.Anda bisa juga dibantu melalui pesugihan.DANA GHAIB.


Sally |
A pedophile that calls my teenage daughter and breathes heavily. Report this to the police.


Mark Schneider |
Former Schneider property (11682 Brookshire Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92840) which was active for 60 years.


Anonymous |
Scammers have spoofed this legitimate number.






Victor Andersson |
Called me today and said I've been speaking to them before and said a name I didn't recognise and was afraid telling me which company he represented. For sure scam.


Jennifer Romine |
I got a live call saying that there was a legal case against me and to call this number to arrange delivery of my file. I called back and got a recording to leave a message.


Kent |
Legitimate call from Envision Pharmacy seeking authorization to ship my regular prescriptions. NOT A SCAM. I called back as requested in the message, did not even have to enter the 7-digit code that was left because they recognized my phone number, but did have to provide birthdate to confirm identity.


Person yelled WHAT!


George |
Accidentally called the number back when I was trying to look up who it was. I hang up and then someone claiming to be from the Verizon fraud dept calls back and asks why I didn't leave a message. Very Suspicious.


lau-ng |
courts debtor


Endora |
I picked up but it was all silent at the other end and few seconds the call ended.


MM Smith |
This is a SPAM call from a company that purports to be a debt collector. They are illegitimate. They will NOT stop calling you. Block their number. (I have excellent credit with no debts whatsoever, but they keep harassing me with almost daily phone calls). They also use similar phone numbers, i.e. 651-404-2945.


lex the impaler |
Started asking me if I had a glory hole


Sheena |
This is a direct number to a customer relations associate for First Team Automotive located in Portsmouth, VA. They make follow-ups calls after you have visited the dealership (Toyota/Honda/Subaru/etc.) to ensure service and sales satisfaction.


Sanjay Gupta |
Why do these idiots keep calling my phone !?!


I received a call from 609-400-8275, A guy with a heavy Indian accent told me that his name was Sam William and that my computer information was on the dark web. He said it was a combination of hardware and software problems. He was very persistent and wanted me to go to my computer right away, and that he could fix my computer. He would even call back in 5-10 minutes when I started my computer. He said I could call him back at 855-845-8275. He claimed that he wanted to fix my computer, the other person was right, Microsoft would not call you about something like this. This is definitely a SCAM!!!


Stephanie |
Received a call from this number and answered it. Asked for someone so I told them she's not in could I take a message. He then hung up. So tired of all these bs callers.


TiredofThisFkrs |
Scammers - government has to do something


Lynn Lambert |
company name is "Diversified Consultants" collections for Verizon.


Van |
This number just called my new number. How did s(he) knows about it. Only to find out (in this site) that this number is a SCAMMER.


Bex |
This number is from Workskil Australia... not sure why they called me


Carmen Berr |
I won a raffle for a gift card $500


David |
Just had a call from this number but I ignored it. Tried calling the number back but it goes to a dead line.


Martin |
Fake accident car claim.. Said I was involved in a car crash.. I replied with I don't own a car but still continued with we have details that someone had hit you car.. (not a real person but in a computer voice)


Oola |
Called me and tried to convince me that their system shows I was involved in a car accident that as my fault. I never was though. She disconnected on me when I said 3rd time that I never had a car crash...spam. avoid!


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