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Does somebody want to transfer millions of dollars into your account?


Does someone want to pay you to cash cheques and send them the money?


Have you sold an item and are asked to accept a payment larger than the item amount?


Has a dying person contacted you wanting your help to give his money to charity?


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Mikko Viklund |
Got a call from +8665056677. Someone looking to recruit IT people.


In need of repair |
4149404118 This individual is advertising on craigslist as a mechanic but hes just a scammer. Watch out if you run across this number. He says he'll do the work cheap but ya get what you pay for.


Ron |
Sent me a letter. Scam


jd dorian |
this is a realtor broker avoid!


Wendy |
This is my number lol 😂


-|- |
received this call consecutively for two days after 7:30pm. didn't pick up. Figured it'll be a scam


4/18/2017, 2:08 pm from unidentified caller. Caller has a strong foreign accent and talks fast, no pauses. It sounds like he's reading a script. Starts out by mumbling, "More options, okay" Hi this is Johnny at the computer technician. This is a ________ ? call off your computer known as ______________? because we are getting suspicious activity on the computer network. Somebody is trying to get access on the computer. We need to resolve this as soon as possible. You may call us back on our toll-free help number at 1-800-604-4876, that's 1-800-604-0876. Thank you. (Kept replaying and couldn't understand the ? words. This scamming fraud will bring them down.


No thanks |
It was Fed-ex calling about a supply order


Lily |
This is idiot mentally ill targetting realtor beware of this man called at 2am


skice |
received call from 65 67359802. did not answer. cant be bothered. looked up and so many reports of scam.


fy |
I got a call from this number and not answer it because i wont answer from the unknown number


emma |
got call from this number it comes up on my true caller as elm so am hopeing it spam as am waiting for appointment for hospital


Thomas Rowling |
They claim to be Global and so i decided to reach out to them not until when i was referred to them through a subscriber on a blog site who has benefited from their service; i needed help out in recovering back important and vital files stolen by cyber attackers when my computer was hacked into. They told me they needed just 24 hours to recover my files back and get the job done, to my surprise it was exactly so and i got my files/documents back and more so i was provided with a remotely configured DpKaCz software (only them has it in the world) i don't know what it means but i was told it will prevent me from any future cyber attack or any occurrence of such. Ever since i haven't witnessed any such form of cyber attack again. It was amazing, all thanks to Global Piratica. Contact: [email protected] for help out with any hack related service such as if you need to retrieve and recover stolen/hidden files or documents, find out about a cheating partner or spouse, mobile phone hack, email hack social media hack and lots more. They are so reliable and efficient, truly they are Global.


Adina Marie |
Hey that's the number of the guy who is buying a watch from me. Afraid he's about to try and scam me now ..


Adina Marie |
Hey that's the number of the guy who is buying a watch from me. Afraid he's about to try and scam me now ..


dan |
Legit call -- this is an insurance office with Safehold, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo. I got a return call from them this morning after inquiring about coverage for my business.


AlertLadies |
This idiot 1 March 2017 called me. Call me April 2018. Every time after 2am. Physco fella. Pls block. Shameless human


AlertLadies |
This idiot 17 March 2017 called me. Today 12 April 2018. Every time after 2am. Physco fella. Pls block


bombsled |
I got a call today and I sent it directly to voicemail but they didn't leave a message.


bombsled |
I got a call from this number today and I sent it directly to voicemail but they didn't leave a message.


Lee |
Caller id says episcopal community school. but the woman identifies herself as consumer affairs calling about a credit card. when asked about why the caller id says episcopal community school, she acts like she doesnt understand and keeps repeating she is consumer affairs.


Anonymous |
They left a message that started out in the middle of a sentence. They never said who they were. It was a robo voice talking about fraud. Weird.


jo |
said they are from 911 victim compensation. He kept saying you and your family were impacted by 9/11. Had an indian accent.


Ayoub |
They called me. I picked the phone but did not answer


Lee Rittiner |
It was a callback from City of San Public Utilities - Water Dept. I had asked on 4/5/18 when I'd get my next bill. They had said the meter wouldn't be read until the 10th then wait 3-5 biz days. 3 hours later I got it in an email of it. Today they left a message telling me it was sent on the 5th. Way to go. Now tell me why should we let them run anything?!


Got a call there claiming to be a debt collector


rajen |
Called my number, then right after that my wife received a call in her phone.


Terry |
Who are these peopleb


asylum23 |
I have narrowed down who is calling all of us with either RoboCalls, hang-ups, no messages, and also asking about your hearing test AND that you applied for a job selling hearing aids. I highly suggest everyone make a complaint to the Do Not Call List, for all of the good that will do because they do nothing, and to the Attorned General in the state of NJ, plus the one in your own state because they are breaking so many laws! This group of scam artists goes under a few names, a variety of phone numbers (which is why when you call back the # is out of service), but they all go to the exact same address. For everyone getting these calls, please make complaints. This is how we stop this nonsense! I will even follow it up with a lawsuit against them, $500/call for violating the DNC List. This is the address for every single one of these SCAM companies: 2501 Cottontail Ln, Somerset, NJ 08873 AuDtalent (732) 529-7148 Bernafon, LLC (732) 560-9996 and (888) 941-4203 Hearing Life (aka Oticon sales) (732) 529-7120 and (888) 906-7141 and (866) 657-6952 (*Hearing Life has an illegal history of setting up appts. with seniors and trying to force them to buy $7,000 hearing aids. Look them up. These “sales people” have NO medical degree, background or training. They are SALES people and NOT hearing experts*) One Retail Audiology Services (aka Audiology Services Co. NORTHEAST DIVISION HQ) (732)-529-7120 Sonic Innovations (*sign in front of building shows this name*) (888) 423-7834 Sumerset Aud Services (aka AUDIOLOGY SERVICES COMPANY USA, LLC) (732) 564-7115 Total Hearing Care, LLC (many negative BBB reviews and they have an A+!) (973) 226-6700


blbla |
Want er to know my name. Called me in the netherlands


ff |
Caller ID said "D Cherniak". Turned out to be someone from the marketing dept of our local newspaper, calling about renewing our subscription


R. Scott |
This number has called me twice in the last three hours and did not leave a message. Still think it is being used as spam.


Alyssa |
Asked the in person rep to remove my number from the call list and he called me a motherfucker and hung up. Blocking the number now


nugget |
6464552279 man from india says they are the irs LOL


K Bing |
Had reverent claiming he was trying to rent a property we looked at. Total scam. 1800 sq foot house for 960 per month. Not.


wilbur |
Looks like they're back... keeps calling but leaves no message. Obviously a scammer.


Hugh Janus |
It's TD auto Finanace


Vance Backert |
did not answer Did not leave a message


becky howell |
when i ask why are you calling from a 800 line he told me Nation Moving Co Asked about the company i buy from asked about Daimond Dog food


Alainn Tuhlvaiste |
I also received a call from 419-301-6063 saying this was a final notice that the IRS was suing me and something about federal prison, but it doesn't accept incoming phone calls.


[email protected] |
Called both my phones didn't leave a message didnt answer on call back. Has a vm set up not sure what to think


Mary Avery |
It's a car dealership in Vermont.


Dana lansaw |
Told me the IRS is sueing me and putting a warrant against me.


Acra |
Received a text msg w slideshow from this # did not open it.


JD |
Scam caller. Cold calling trying to sell a home. When I told her the number is on the do not call list and she needed to not call back, she swore at me. Too bad didn't get her name so I could report her to my real estate friends.


This is a private number that has been spoofed. Probably because I pissed off the vacation scammers. If you receive a call from this number and it is the private owner, I will leave a message. Thank you! I too have been receiving calls from a vacation scammer. Thanks for posting who is calling you.


frhodes |
they keep calling me at work, She said her name was Lena Martinez, I called them back, but I got a recording that said, "No one is available to answer the call, please call back later"


Ivan Diablo |
called but left no message


Jane Parker |
Got voicemail from 202-870-5894 They keep calling


Caroline to MikeHuntleton |
Our credit cards are blocked and the message on the screen tells to call this number. I called this number many times no reply at all. All you here is music after the introduction. Then a recorded message says "press 1 to leave a voicemail otherwise to hold." I press 1 and surprised. The voice of Chris Cummings, the Smiths Falls town councillor who works at CIBC says "Investigation Department." I left him a message to call me and ask "Why do you block my card." In my first two messages I said, "I recognize you. Give me a call. Why you block our credit cards?" No answer even though I left my name and telephone number. My last two messages I mentioned his name "Chris Cummings. Why you block our credit cards? Give me a call." Left him my telephone number. Never replied. Since he knows I recognize his voice, he sent me a message saying "You are prohibited from entering CIBC premises." He will call the police if I go to CIBC. Interestingly, he sent me an "Ontario Trespass Act" suited for the School Board. Interesting!


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