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Does somebody want to transfer millions of dollars into your account?


Does someone want to pay you to cash cheques and send them the money?


Have you sold an item and are asked to accept a payment larger than the item amount?


Has a dying person contacted you wanting your help to give his money to charity?


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Chris |
Since the middle of September, this number has called my cell EVERY SINGLE DAY, but never leaves a message. With all the scams going on after the hurricane(s), I'm not wasting my time talking with anyone who doesn't have the courtesy to leave a message or identify themselves.


Laurie |
Missed call, left this message " This message is for (person other than myself), my name is Tim Smith, my phone number is 1(800)370-9565, the reference number for this call is xxxxxx and it is important that you return my call today" i looked up the provided number and it shows as Premier Financial Credit Service.


Jimmy loves cancun |
Got a call from this number. They were 2 legit 2 quit. Said my mama was gonna knock me out


Branding Logos are a big scam they claim they're in the UK but are in India. They take your money and don't do any work on your website. Ross, Zack Spencer and numerous other names they go by. 02037958714


Really |
Got a text from this number. Said it was giving OTP codes. Definitely spam.


AC |
No message


Jd |
They been calling me forever. Ive got them on my blacklist. My phone denies the call and lets me know when and what #its denied. No more worries.


Michele B |
I've been getting calls from this # as well and the caller ID just says "STOP" with the quotes and all. I do not live in the state in which the 602 753 0630 is in. I do not answer and they never leave a voicemail.


Ana Franceschi |
I have stayed on the phone for the mere reason to ask them to take my number off their database and once they hear my request, they hang up on me every time. However, call back from a different extension. I get calls all during the day as well as in the evening/night hours. I've blocked so many numbers that I believe I am running out of space to keep blocking. Something has got to be done about this.....!


Anon |
I-Convey: a conveyancing firm for house purchases. I performed an online search to find and compare conveyancing firms and have since been spammed by this number calling me for "more information in order to provide me with a quote". So they're a legit company, but nevertheless unsolicited calls!!


Fred |
This is a junk debt buyer trying to get a hold of someone named Amanda Watson. They will call and call and call.. Contact your Attorney General.


Kevin Kelley |
Not spam. Merchants Auto calling about a car I dropped off for service.


Quick Brown Fox |
An unsolicited call from this downtown Los Angeles number arrived today while I was away. When I returned the call, there was a recorded message: "The number you dialed is not a working number. Please check the number and dial again." The number may have been used in the past for federal jury notification, but apparently is no longer used for that purpose.


D Max |
One of the many suspected scam calls ringing my phone at least a few times a week


Anita Thompson |


Pussy Power |
Vagina Tandoori


Justun N Mahbahinney |
This is some old white racist gay person. Out tba gate be yellin about his husband his husband. He can't live with out his Jaysun. I been tell in him that he need to see a doctor. But he say he don't. He just need his big ole teddy beer back home. But on the 3rt week I blocked him. I hope he come back. He seem like a sweet oraceist man.


Lisa.J |
I know she had been calling my husband. It’s a girl saying her name is Kathryn.


Pierre |
A man with an American accent says that he's from ICO.The call was around 9 at night.SPAM.


janice |
this nombor more like ahlong. a. k. a cimb bank. i don't even hve crdt crd but keep calling me. madafaka


Bunny |
Called ask if they could speak 2 me I said it's not her and they said well can you tell her we have a claim against her called 3 x in a row


This_is_not_my_name |
Its ppl calling from the Jerry springer show & the steve wilkos show, no joke lol


carlos |
el numero es fiable y seguro . Es de un particular. NÚMERO SEGURO Y FIABLE.




use to be a mortgage company phone # out of Ft Worth, TX


jamie |
They called me at 2:40 AM! Seriously?!


Brittni |
Called and left a message regarding a job position for an application that I had submitted. Caller sounded to be over seas. Called back about an hour later advising of same position asking if I was interested. Maintained interest until he stated he was updating me resume and asked for my social and other personal identifying information that is not asked for during a typical interview.


Chris |
Calls multiple times a day, but never leaves message. Must not be too important. Not important enough to me while dealing with hurricane cleanup. Since they don't want to identify themselves, I don't want to answer. BLOCKED.


Annie Hollick |
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Orla Quirk |
5126408349 An Austin, Texas number calling my Austin Texas job. Said they are Morrie Cobb, attorney at law, and I should call. They are debt collectors. I think they are calling about one of our former employees who got fired. BUT the guy won't talk to me because I do not own the company. Does he think CEOs sit around waiting for debt collectors to call?


Purrplekat |
Unrecognized number, didn’t leave a message. Obviously some dumb telemarketer or other spam. Blocked the number.


pissed of |
Long silence, work phone have to answer. Two Hellos, they have my first name. Say Hello how are you, God Bless You (No company would allow that) They are from AT&T and want to lower my bill. I don't use that company, so they are full of it.


Dave |
02842798005 is a fax number for a community organisation in The Ards Peninsula.


Cm |
Caller is named Vincent Hindy, he’s a guy who buys and sells items on kijiji. Dishonest seller who was selling an item, then went mia after we agreed at a time and place. Total douchebag. Total waste of time, avoid, avoid, avoid !!!!


Frank Wather |
David Price's response seems a little niave. Process servers do not work for the courts. If this is a process server, why not simply call the person rather than leave a note visible to neighbors. Likely a scam


Leah |
Called and left a message with no dialogue.


chachi |
SPAM that said that they wanted longtime sex.


Jamie |
They have several dogs listed on a free puppy site. All full blood random breeds- FOR FREE... St. Bernards, Akita, Husky, Etc.. fraud


PB |
Called landline,no message left. This number has called before...says unknown on caller ID...will NOT answer these calls anymore,they are all scams,political,or telemarketing..Am SO VERY SICK of these calls & blocking your number does NOT HELP😳😳😡


Georgy Porgy |
This number is running a tax scam now. Claims they are the IRS. Says I cheated on my taxes but doesn't know who I am. :)


Bob |
Why would a power company in MN call me in OR to let me know that power has been restored or they're working on it-especially when there is no power outage? Lol, cmon people....scam, spam, junk.


chris |
calls from this number??


david |
spam ink sales company - loves to fill our fax withs pam


100% SPAMer


Dan |
Probably a scam. I cringe every time I get a call from Arizona now, because it's almost always these guys. I think it's not the only number they use though. They call me at random times in the day, I'll briefly hear "hello" or some fraction of words, it cuts out a bunch, and then a computer voice says "goodbye" and hangs up on me. (I don't always get the computer voice, and it may vary by which number they use to call me). I get 1 - 2 calls per weekday, minimum. I've concluded it's spam but maybe it's some more legit company's shoddy phone service failing. Either way the calls are extremely unwelcome and I've started blocking the numbers that do this.


Katie |
Big fat scammers clearly still out there. Pretending to be a bogus Paypal transaction.


Walton E Bell |
Received the following text message from this number: SMATMOTN 0152657833d6f78ff4418cbc746319e77d49119487086e4f91fff597718871


Dave |
This number used to be owned by a community radio station which gave away prizes such as Ipads, Televisions, Mobile Phones etc. The number has been owned by a Gift Card and Stationery Shop since late 2016.


[email protected] |
Keep getting this number but NO one will speak


Brandy Phenis |
They left me a message with a # I couldn't contact. Mines regarding health problems with edema and my medicine they said. I've recently been diagnosed with CHF so call me back I'm concerned.


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