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Leave former President Obama out of this.... By "Anonymous".



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Leave former President Obama out of this. Some People were totally Racess toward the Former President. 651-404-2415 called me from a St. Paul, MN BURBY Hastings. I had to call back for a brief moment. He asked whom I was, I said: whom are you calling? I'm Not telling you whom I am. He said that he was looking for so & so. I said you got the wrong number & the jerk said he'll lose my number: yeah right; I blocked him from calling back. Whom gives a Hot Damn if anyone knows a soul in this town? It has nothing to do with knowing a soul their. Usually; it's a call center; that's located their. It's long over due to Grown up! Instead of whining; re; these calls keep coming in; buy a new phone with block services; many different prices. In order to afford; look @ your budget, e.g. cut I/a Cable, Smokes, eating out, junk food, use Public Transit or Car Pool, cut down on shopping for new clothes that's not needed. Before you know it. You have the Budget to buy a new phone & block this jerk from calling you. The Recording makes it clear; that you're not accepting any calls from that number: e.g. 651-404-2415. Or call Your Cell Phone or Land Line Phone Company. Maybe these young kids will invent devices to stop scammers from calling & it'll cut down on whining complaints.


Had several calls from this number. Shows Unknown Name on my Caller ID. They ask for me by the wrong name and I hang up. Who are they.


Craig s list scummier . Texts u to get your Paypal account


I think you re lying. No one ever endorses a business without letting the world know who that business is and how to contact them


They keep calling my phone at least 10 times a day. They don t say anything if I answer


Must be Obama he is looking foe

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credit one bank calling to collect money owed to them...


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Be on the alert this number is a scam just hang up...


Called at 14 36 AM. When I answered they hung up....

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