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I have narrowed down who is calling all of us with either RoboCalls, hang-ups, no messages, and also asking about your hearing test AND that you applied for a job selling hearing aids. I highly suggest everyone make a complaint to the Do Not Call List, for all of the good that will do because they do nothing, and to the Attorned General in the state of NJ, plus the one in your own state because they are breaking so many laws! This group of scam artists goes under a few names, a variety of phone numbers (which is why when you call back the # is out of service), but they all go to the exact same address. For everyone getting these calls, please make complaints. This is how we stop this nonsense! I will even follow it up with a lawsuit against them, $500/call for violating the DNC List. This is the address for every single one of these SCAM companies: 2501 Cottontail Ln, Somerset, NJ 08873 AuDtalent (732) 529-7148 Bernafon, LLC (732) 560-9996 and (888) 941-4203 Hearing Life (aka Oticon sales) (732) 529-7120 and (888) 906-7141 and (866) 657-6952 (*Hearing Life has an illegal history of setting up appts. with seniors and trying to force them to buy $7,000 hearing aids. Look them up. These “sales people” have NO medical degree, background or training. They are SALES people and NOT hearing experts*) One Retail Audiology Services (aka Audiology Services Co. NORTHEAST DIVISION HQ) (732)-529-7120 Sonic Innovations (*sign in front of building shows this name*) (888) 423-7834 Sumerset Aud Services (aka AUDIOLOGY SERVICES COMPANY USA, LLC) (732) 564-7115 Total Hearing Care, LLC (many negative BBB reviews and they have an A+!) (973) 226-6700


just called my cell and work line


This guy whoever he is was trying to sell me a remodeling job well the joke on him I live in a apartment


Called today July 38 2216. Did not leave message


when answering they just hanged up. . . . .

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Any ideas who this might be....


Number calls non stop all the time and no messages...


This number called my cell phone i did not recognize...


Did you go to the web site....


This number calls constantly day and night and never...


No longer a Bell customer don t want them calling...


I got a text from this number last night saying awake...


Called and left no message...


i have Mobile they called today no MSG left...


It s a SCAM. They ask for a random name and when you...

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