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Our credit cards are blocked and the message... By "Caroline to MikeHuntleton".



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Caroline to MikeHuntleton

Our credit cards are blocked and the message on the screen tells to call this number. I called this number many times no reply at all. All you here is music after the introduction. Then a recorded message says "press 1 to leave a voicemail otherwise to hold." I press 1 and surprised. The voice of Chris Cummings, the Smiths Falls town councillor who works at CIBC says "Investigation Department." I left him a message to call me and ask "Why do you block my card." In my first two messages I said, "I recognize you. Give me a call. Why you block our credit cards?" No answer even though I left my name and telephone number. My last two messages I mentioned his name "Chris Cummings. Why you block our credit cards? Give me a call." Left him my telephone number. Never replied. Since he knows I recognize his voice, he sent me a message saying "You are prohibited from entering CIBC premises." He will call the police if I go to CIBC. Interestingly, he sent me an "Ontario Trespass Act" suited for the School Board. Interesting!


A recorded message about a loan. When I called back the Google subscriber you have called is not available. Please leave a message


Dint fall for Air Canada s scam instead please give us your credit card number. We will give you a free prize.


In fact not only did the phone not ring there s not a record of any call coming in. New kind of scam starting.


You call your phone company and some will put a block on them . Media com does on our phone


On the contrary I think its a boiler room


Got a call today from this number not even for me. Apparently someone who had my number once. Wow. What will they come up w next. .


called at PM no message no answer when called back


Got a call no message I ignored it

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