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I have this guy with a heavy middle east accent by the name of Mike Wilson calling from a Yonkers NY number and he is calling my place of employment and tying up the phone lines for an hour at a time every day of the week. He says he is from CFI Investigations department telling me that I owe $620 for a online payday loan from August of 2013. I have told him to stop calling. I have notified all authorities possible and have told him such. He does not seem to care and now he is calling from a Cleveland OK phone number. I played along at first to try to get as much information as possible for my police report and at first he told me to pay with an ITunes card and this week he told me to wire money using Moneygram to Franklin Metayer in LakeWorth Florida or go to CVS and get a Steam Card and call him with the number. I have been dealing with a wide variety of scammers about this issue since 2014. I wish it would stop.


Called at 7 13 PM on 16 13 2013. No message left I m in Saint John NB


heard a fax tone when picked up


pricks. They did the same to me. trying to get the whole thing stopped now. wish i could take their money.


This phones every day. Phoned back only busy signal

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Thanked me for visiting web site and that I have...


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Called and hung up after one ring. What a dick...


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Rob call left message about marketing for 107 month...


I got scammed. Big time. I called the number back....


They keep calling me everyday and all day even...


I got the same call. The gentlemen was nice and polite....


I m sorry it s just that I have no...


Called my cell phone. When I answered I said Hello...

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